Business Services

A business will typically go through five stages (life cycles) during its life time as follows:

  • Launch cycle – new products and or services are introduced to the market
  • Growth – sales continue to grow rapidly, and profits emerge once the breakeven point is


  • Shake out – sales continue to grow but at a slower pace due to market forces and out variables
  • Maturity – sales continues to slow down as the market matures, but cash flows are greater than profit since large capital spending in now behind the business. Most businesses may tend to extend their business life cycle be reinventing themselves and invest in new technologies and emerging markets.
  • Decline – due mainly from the business inability to adapt to the changing market needs. Sales, profit and cash flows are all declining. The business will slowly loose all its competitive advantage and will be forced to exit the market.


The services we offer at Hubert W Gill, CPA (The Firm), are designed to identify the various stages of your business and to ensure that you are receiving the correct accounting, tax and consultation information to meet your plans. At your initial complementary meeting with the business owner we identify and educate the business owner as to the importance of the following:

  • - Developing a strategy for long term accumulation of wealth from the business profits
  • - Knowing and keeping track of the owner’s basis in the business i.e., basis from owner contributions and basis from earnings of the business
  • - Developing a succession plan for the business
  • - Tax planning strategies
  • - Long term strategic planning for growth

From this initial meeting an accounting plan is developed that will ensure that the business owner received the daily, monthly quarterly and annual reports needed for decision and ultimately keep the business on track. At Hubert W Gill, CPA our goal is not just to prepare repots but to assist and educate the business owner how to interpret the various reports. By going the extra mile with our business owners, we feel that in the long this is a successful strategy for all involved.

We see our function not just as numbers crunchers, but a vital partner to assist and develop short- and long-term plans for the business, accumulate the transactional data and communication the information with both management and outside stakeholders.
Hubert W Gill, CPA takes great pride to see our small business owners and individuals grow and accomplish their mission from their life’s work.


Book keeping Services
Meaningful, well-organized financial records ensure that your business operations will run more efficiently daily and are the foundation of a successful business. Our qualified staff can assist you with the day-to-day tasks associated with bookkeeping.
These services are delivered either through QuickBooks desk top, or on line for clients who prefer real time information about the business transactions. These bookkeeping services include:

  • - General ledger set up
  • - Transactions recording
  • - Income statement preparation
  • - Balance sheet preparation
  • - Statement of cash flows
  • - Bank reconciliation
  • - Loan accounts reconciliation (and amortization)
  • - Fixed asset capitalization and depreciation
  • - Shareholder basis tracking (both inside and outside basis)

Payroll Accounting

Let Hubert W Gill, CPA take away all the problems associated with payroll, Federal tax withholding, state RT and other employee deductions. We offer the following payroll services:

  • - W4 employee completion and payroll set up
  • - Weekly, by-weekly or monthly pay wages computation
  • - 941 quarterly filings
  • - RT quarterly filings
  • - 940 annual filings
  • - Employee W2 preparation and filings
  • - W3 employer filings

Services provided to support your outside independent contractors are as follows:

  • - Determination of who qualify as an outside service contractor
  • - Preparation of W9 information required from all contractors
  • - 1099-year end preparation and filing
  • - 1096-year end preparation and filing

External reporting services we provide are as follows:

  • - Preparation of financial statements
  • - Compilation of financial statements
  • - Review of financial statements


Tax preparation Service
Our significant investment in computerized tax preparation and research software enables us to accurately and efficiently prepare returns for various types of entities including individuals, corporations (LLC, S corporations), partnerships, trusts, estates, and not-for-profit organizations.
Hubert W Gill
Federal income tax services
Here are the tax preparation services offered by Hubert W Gill, CPA for businesses, and non-profit and individuals:

  • - 1040 – Individual tax return
  • - 1065 - Partnership tax return
  • - 1102 – C Corporation tax return
  • - 990/990EZ – Not for profit tax return
  • - 1120S – S Corporation Tax Return
  • - 1041 – Income Tax return for Estate and Trusts
  • - 706 – Estate Tax Return
  • - IRS Tax Resolution Service
  • - 1120S - Election Filing

State Tax filings services offered for our clients

  • - All states 1040 individual and business
  • - 1120 Corporation tax return
  • - Sales tax returns preparation and filing (Florida and Georgia only)
  • - Re-employment tax (RT) filings (Florida)
  • - Annual report filings (Florida)


Management Consulting
Choosing the right form of entity of your business (e.g. "S" corporation, sole proprietor, limited liability company) is a crucial decision that may have longstanding tax implications, positive or negative. We can assist you in evaluating the pros and cons of each entity type to help you determine the most advantageous form of business for your needs.

Effective coordination of the transition of your business to your successors is critical to ensure its continued success once you decide to remove yourself from the company's day to day operations. With a solid background in tax and other financial matters, we are fully qualified to address the complex issues of business continuation and can assist you in developing a strategically sound plan.

Our management consultation services include:

  • - Development of Business Plans
  • - Personal Financial Statements Preparation
  • - Incorporations – LLC, Not for Profit, C- Corporation
  • - Non-Profit Consultation
  • - General Business Consulting
  • - Tax planning
  • - Accounting changes
  • - Retirement planning
  • - Insurance
  • - Investments
  • - Capital decisions


Tax Planning -
At Hubert W Gill, CPA we keep track of the numerous tax and accounting laws changes so that you can focus on your businesses. These changes and their potential impact on the business (individual) finances are reviewed during your monthly and annual consultation sessions. In addition, the firm usually offers frequent tax, accounting and record keeping seminars for present and future clients either at our offices or at scheduled locations.

IRS Representation -
During our years of experience dealing with many taxing authorities, we have achieved a level of competence that can ensure our clients they are being properly represented before the various federal and state tax agencies. Here are the serviced we offer our clients as your representative before the IRS:

  • - Reverse tax levies and liens
  • - Offer in compromise
  • - Back tax filings
  • - Back tax collection issues
  • - Installment issues
  • - Tax penalties
  • - Tax audit preparation/representation
  • - Wage garnishments

Florida state Tax filing issues with the Department of Revenue:

  • - Sales tax audits
  • - Monthly Sales tax filings
  • - Reemployment Tax (RT) tax issues
  • - Representation before the Department of Revenue