Business Account and Taxes

Make sure your books are in order and your business receives the entire refund owed by having Hubert W. Gill, CPA prepare your business books and returns.

Personal Tax Preparation

Ensure your full refund amount by having the office of Hubert W. Gill, CPA prepare your personal tax returns.

Financial Planning Services

Maket he most of your hard earned money and that of your business by carefully planning when to spend and when to save.


Hubert W. Gill, MACC, CPA, FLMI has been in the accounting field since graduating from Edward Waters College with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration in 1981, and later with a Masters of Accountancy from the University of North Florida in 1990. Combining his accomplishments, expertise and talents, he is a veteran leader having served in corporate America for a number of years, on various boards, and currently as a member of the accounting faculty at the University of North Florida where he teaches in the financial cost/managerial accounting areas.

Hubert W. Gill, CPA was formed as an active accounting practice in 1994 providing tax and accounting services. The firm's goals through its mission of "providing quality accounting and tax services to individuals and small businesses" is to offer its clients a trusted professional advisor who they can turn to for tax planning, accounting, and general business strategies to grow their businesses. As a financial advisor, Hubert W. Gill, CPA takes its role very seriously. They understand that a key element in the success of your business is the ability to adequately measure performance against stated goals.

Hubert W. Gill, CPA through its quality of service continues to build an impressive list of clients. The company's competitive advantage lies in providing professional and timely services at very practical pricing. Hubert W. Gill, CPA recognizes that satisfied and happy clients are repeat clients. 

The company recognizes that each client's needs are distinctive and unique. All consultations are free and services will be geared to meet the client's needs or requirements.

Give Hubert W. Gill, CPA an opportunity to put over 20 years of experience in accounting and tax to work for you.

No matter what your tax needs are our trained tax preparers provide you with the most updated tax law changes and find the credits and deductions to minimize your tax liability.

When you come to Hubert W. Gill, CPA for your professional tax service, you receive personalized, courteous one-on-one attention.

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